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3rd Grade and 4th Grade Chorus

3rd Grade Chorus meets on Monday mornings. 4th Grade Chorus meets on Wednesday mornings. Rehearsals begin at 8:30am in Miss Anthony's classroom.

If you are dropping your child off before 8:30am, please have them enter through the front door of the school. If you are dropping your child off anytime after 8:30am, please use the car rider entrance at the back of the school.

Combined Chorus

About a month before each concert, we will begin holding Combined rehearsals for both 3rd and 4th Grade Choirs. All members will be expected to attend combined rehearsals. These rehearsals will take place in the Bedwell Gym.

January 2020 Rehearsals

Monday January 6 @8:15am

Wednesday January 8 @8:15am

Wednesday January 15 @8:00am

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