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Bedwell Music Concert Dates

Due to the district's current hybrid model of learning, we do not anticipate having concerts at this time. This will be subject to change. Stay tuned for information from Ms. Phelan and Mrs. Friedman regarding concerts.

Concert Attire

Boys: white shirt (dress shirt or polo), black pants, black shoes and socks. Tie or bow tie of any color if appropriate. Neat hair, please no hair dyeing. No hats.

Girls: white blouse or sweater, black pants or skirt with black tights. Black dress with a white cardigan or bolero is also appropriate. Please make sure skirts and dresses are knee length or longer. If skirt length is shorter than knees, girls must wear black tights or leggings. Black shoes. Hair neatly done, please no large hair accessories. Small jewelry is appropriate.


No jeans, shorts, or sneakers please.


If you need to, you may substitute white tops with a similar light color (such as cream), and may substitute black bottoms with a similar dark color (such as navy or brown).

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